Who sells the better product? Publishers or Pirates?

So some people are welcoming plans to crack down on media piracy.  I, on the other hand, am hoping people will crack down on publishers selling shitty products and ripping people off.

Let's look at the Australian film Needle and see who is selling the better version.  The pirates or the publishers?

The Publishers vs The Pirates (Consumer's Preferance In Red)

Source JB Hi-Fi iTunes Pirate Bay
Video Quality 1080p SD 1080p
Audio Quality DTS 5.1 Stereo DTS 5.1
Player Compatibility Blu-Ray Players Only iTunes/iDevices Only Everything
Delivery Tomorrow Now Now
Un-skippable Warnings Yes No No
Cost $24 $25 FREE
Consumer Rating 33% 33% 100%

How is it possible that a "Piracy" site is selling a better quality product than the people who actually have the rights to it?

I'll give you the answer to why the media industries are "losing" money to piracy... BECAUSE THEIR PRODUCTS SUCK.


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