The Next Steve Jobs Isn't Working At Apple

I've been trying to think about what a young, perhaps 20 year old or so Steve Jobs would be doing now if he was wandering the Earth today. Would he be at Apple?  Perhaps as a Vice-President or lower, working under the shadow of older Steve Jobs and his groomed-to-continue-his-legacy successor Tim Cook? Trying to climb his way to the top?

I don't see it happening.

He would be out there somewhere else, working on his own start up, trying to find a way to make a new technology tangible to the masses. Perhaps that start-up would be like NeXt and he would be aspiring to be acquired by a company like Apple to take his new ideas to the world.

I'm looking around at some other visionary people out there, perhaps someone like Mike Matas. He left Apple, to form his own company, to create a new story, his own, and possibly to exit the shadow of Jobs. Matas certainly doesn't stride the stage like a savvy businessman of Jobs's ilk but he's always using technology in creative ways to make products that people not only enjoy, but love. He may not be the best example but I'm sure the next Steve Jobs is working on something similar, trying to build his own team of creative people.

Who acquired Mike Matas's post-Apple start-up?  Facebook.

I don't know when or where, if ever, there will be another Steve Jobs, but he's certainly not working at Apple.


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