Questions Arising Immediately after WWDC 2011 Keynote

While you are catching up on what was introduced on the iOS front, please consider my questions...
  • What is happening to my 20gb iDisk? :(
  • What is happening to all the other MobileMe services that weren't mentioned in the iCloud announcement like preference sync between Macs etc?
  • My MobileMe email account is already 4gb in size. No problem with iDisk's 20gb, but with iCloud's 5gb? Hmm....
  • No word of voice recognition or anything to do with the tech they got from Siri. (Perhaps that's a good thing after seeing Microsoft's E3 keynote).
  • Is iMessage a separate app from the Message app? This could be confusing...
  • If you have uploaded all your music with iTunes Match in your first year, can you cancel your service and not lose anything as long as you buy all your new music from iTunes in the future?
  • So will movies you purchase from iTunes not be able to be streamed to your iOS devices and not be backed up from iCloud? Sounds like a mess.
  • I thought Apple would beat Microsft to side by side apps on tablets but maybe not.
  • I haven't seen the official video of the keynote yet but Steve Jobs looked a little rough on the edges with the way he spoke.

Regarding Lion...
  • So... to install Lion if you are currently running Leopard.... You have to buy a copy of Snow Leopard, install, then update until you have access to the Mac App store, then buy a copy of Lion and THEN finally install it.... Ok Then...?

I'll update this with further thoughts tomorrow.

On a positive note, a lot of the things I outlined below have been checked off. I dare say that I got more correct than almost any other Tech Pundit. Also Lion for $30 for 5 devices! Bargain!


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